The Voice – Suffering from cancer, Florent Pagny cracks and bursts into tears in the middle of the show, internet users upset


The famous juror of the show collapsed after the battle of his talents. (TF1 screenshot)

This Saturday, April 9, TF1 broadcasts the second number of the famous Battles of “The Voice”. Alongside Nikos Aliagas, Amel Bent, Florent Pagny, Vianney, Marc Lavoine and Nolwenn Leroy, surprise coach, have new tough choices to make. And if tonight’s show got off to a flying start with a fiery and powerful cover of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, it was a suspended moment that marked viewers: the unexpected tears of Florent Pagny just after the performance of June Milo and Morgane, her talents.

“She’s ready to fight!” These remarks by Florent Pagny broadcast at the very beginning of this new premium of “The Voice” perfectly illustrate the atmosphere of this evening. And what a fight! This Saturday, April 9, Nikos Aliagas and the members of the jury of “The Voice” inaugurate the second session of the Battles of this eleventh season. From the outset, viewers were treated to a very great show thanks to the talents of Florent Pagny. First battle of the evening: that between Maria Battista and Sonia. The young singers clashed on “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. The twittos are unanimous: the show was there! Sonia’s victory caused debate: the young talent of Florent Pagny obviously has a little too “big head” for the twittos… Another battle marked the evening: that between Ofé, Velours and Jessy, trio talent from Marc Lavoine’s team. On a cover of Michel Berger’s “White Paradise”, the young women delivered a very gentle performance which only made the task of Marc Lavoine more complex who, with tears in his eyes, decided to continue the adventure with Ofé. . While the evening seemed to continue at a frantic pace, the battle of Jude Milo and Morgane aroused a very particular emotion with their coach, Florent Pagny.

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“Definitely my favorite coach”

Morgane, 16, had upset the jury during the blind auditions by taking over “Corps” from Yseult. This evening, the very young candidate took the stage with June Milo, a 36-year-old professional singer, “vocally, a Martian” according to her coach on the show. The candidates performed “Encore un soir” by Celine Dion. Vocally, many Internet users believed that June had won this battle. But Florent Pagny decided otherwise. “It’s true that June, you’re a great technician (…) and it’s true that Morgane you twisted two or three in the middle of the performance. It’s true that, in this logic, it would be defined .” The sobbing voice, the mythical juror of the show continues: “I am in a particular season. There are lots of strange talents and I have a lot of them in my team, strange talents. I am attracted by this strangeness so I I’m going to keep Morgana.” With great intensity, the coach and his talent embraced each other and offered viewers the most beautiful moment of the evening. These tears from the coach, this sobbing voice also upset Internet users who could not help but make a connection with the state of health of Florent Pagny who, last January, explained that he had cancer.

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