The Witcher Netflix season 3: four new members join the cast, fans very worried


news culture The Witcher Netflix season 3: four new members join the cast, fans very worried

Every work has its picky community and The Witcher is no exception. When four new actors were announced for season 3 of the Netflix series, fans were concerned about the presence of a character.


  • The Witcher Netflix: 4 more actors for season 3
  • Season 3 even less faithful to the book?

The Witcher Netflix: 4 more actors for season 3

Three months after the box for its season 2, the Netflix series The Witcher adapted from the eponymous literary saga should return to our screens with a third season. If the release date is not on the agenda, the official page of the series announced on Twitter the arrival of four new actors for the new chapter of the series. It is Robbie Amell (Gallatin), Meng’Er Zhang (Milva), by Hugh Skinner (Prince Radovid) and Christelle Elwin (Mistle) :

Welcome to the Mainland! We’re very excited to announce the new warriors, outlaws, and royal characters making their debut in The Witcher Season 3.

Season 3 even less faithful to the book?

Still in the same tweet, the official page of the series returns to the characters presented. For example, Milva is a talented hunter raised in a forest by dryads. Radovid, known to players of The Witcher 3, is a character with strong political instincts. At their side, it is Mistle who is presented as being a member of the Rat Clan : a gang of teenagers who rob the rich to appropriate their property. But it’s the last character that worries the community: Gallatin, the character played by Robbie Amell. Why ? He’s the only character not present in the books, the source material that goes into the Netflix adaptation.

Therefore, fans believe that if a new character is introduced, this third season will move even further away from the books. It wouldn’t be the first time that Lauren S. Hissirch, the showrunner of the seriesopts for a different path. During season 2, the treatment of a character was then controversial because it was different from that of the books.. Lauren S. Hissrich, in a long Twitter thread, was then justified: divergence already noted during season 2, concerning the fate of one of the protagonists. On this subject, she had explained that it was difficult to adapt such a saga in series. The books sometimes go through long descriptive moments, mostly made up of dialogue. However, the audience who will watch the series expects adventure, magic and fights! It is then necessary to revise the scripts, even if it means killing a character. Especially since the death of the character in question had then served the main plot.

This Gallatin, still unknown character, is he a character invented to adapt to the TV audience or was he created to speed up part of the plot? Hard to say for the moment and we will have to be patient before having a definitive answer: although season 3 is in production, it is the spin-off Blood Origin which is expected for this year. The series tells the origin of the witchers and takes place before the Conjunction of the Spheres and 1200 years before the world as the series.

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