The world of music in mourning, he joined the stars…


This is sad news that has just fallen. We still remember the popularization of the yé-yé concept. A real revolution in the world of music. A domain that has just been turned upside down by the death of an emblematic personality! Indeed, it is tragic news that has just awakened lovers of the scene. Tekpolis gives you the details in the next lines!

Mourning: The yé-yé, a whole revolution!

Over time, the world of music has gone through many changes. The arrival of rock and many other movements brought us to this time when artists are also popular. This is particularly the case when there are so many battles to make women’s assets known. A battle that the music world has succeeded in temporize but also to put forward the ideas conveyed. This is particularly the case with the yéyé movement which means “we are young”.

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For the French, it is also an asset without a doubt. Between the Beatles or even Bob Dylan, there is no shortage of singers! A trend that despite the mourning, has not started. And this is still felt today when the world of music is experiencing a new drama. This tragedy that happened in March 2022 could, however, upset the fans!

A great loss for music!

It was on March 22 that the news fell for fans of yé-yé music. He is none other than Pierre Papadiamandis who has been alongside many singers. This is particularly the case of Eddy Mitchell who was able to take advantage of his talents as a composer. And their collaboration lasted for many years. What allow us to take advantage of the tube “I forgot to forget” which was a real hit afterwards.

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But Eddy Mitchell was not the only one to have benefited from his talent before mourning. We can also count Françoise Hardy or Céline Dion. Renowned singers and singers whose popularity are now well established thanks to his talents. “That Marianne was pretty” is also one of the great hits of Michel Delpech who made a sublime success!

Mourning: it’s over!

It is therefore a sad news that has fallen for the world of music. Indeed, a great composer is no more. However, we can only remember his talent and his many achievements. Masterpieces that will not fail to perpetuate its popularity despite the passage of time.

The news was revealed by his family a few days ago. A mourning which therefore does not only affect those close to Pierre Papadiarmandis. Fans can only be saddened by this loss. The tributes to his honor are proof of this, since he has impacted many lives. And this is even more understandable when you hear his masterpieces!

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