These films that will be removed this month of April, don’t miss them, it’s the last moment!


Netflix plans to remove several programs from its platform this April. Here are the ones you absolutely have to see before they are removed!

Netflix has no shortage of ideas for introducing us to new series and films. April will also be the month of several interesting arrivals.

But well before discovering these new features that will be there for the next few months, it is essential to know these programs that you may not have seen yet and which will disappear! Indeed, the streaming platform must free up space for its arrivals… Here is a small selection which should therefore attract your attention.

Netflix: Departures by mid-April!

Several titles will no longer be available on Netflix from mid-April. To name but a few, be aware that “Breaking In” as well as “The Prophecy of the Clock” were ousted from the platform on April 5. A long list that continues with “The Last Airbender” or even “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdon” which will also no longer be part of the game. These programs can be viewed elsewhere, but in any case, Netflix will no longer offer them to you.

There is also “Tchoupi”, “Yes-Yes” as well as “Happy Feet 2”. These programs which will have captivated young and old alike will be ousted by the coming April 14th. A great loss when we know that these programs have all the same been very successful with the Netflix streaming platform if we are talking about animated films. But don’t panic, other equally captivating productions will soon be on view!

If you enjoyed Gru and his little yellow sidekicks, you should know that Netflix will no longer be able to allow you to view their benefits. The first two seasons of “Me, Despicable Me” will no longer be available from April 16. It is the same for “Minions” which is an annex sequel to this animated film.

On the film side, these are “Super 8” as well as “Time Trap” that should catch your attention. These two programs will be removed from Netflix on April 15th. A loss for moviegoers who have not yet been able to see the program. But if you have time, it’s not too late to discover the details on the streaming platform!

Withdrawals by April 25

Between mid-April and the 25th, other programs will also be removed from Netflix. This is particularly the case of “Le Chalet” or “Light in the Dark”. The two programs will no longer be visible in the list of films to watch from the streaming giant from April 17. Other withdrawals follow which could also disappoint moviegoers who have not yet had time to see them.

If you haven’t had time to see “First Man: The First Man on the Moon”, it won’t be long. You should also know that the latter will be removed from Netflix on April 19. So you still have a few days to successfully discover this feature film which has many surprises in store for you!

On April 21, two other films will no longer be visible on the Netflix platform. He is none other than “The Set Up” as well as “Pioneer”. These programs have been popular with moviegoers, to say the least, during the long time they have been available. If you organize a relaxing moment in front of the TV, you will have to include them in your program!

As for April 24 and 25, these are three programs that will no longer be part of Netflix. The first to retire are “Logan Lucky” as well as “Dear Zindagi”. They will then be closely followed by “The municipals, these heroes”.

Netflix: The last departures of the month!

The end of the month will give Netflix fans no respite. April 27 will also see the release of a whole range of films and series. You will count for example: “Jumping Girl” and “What in the World Happened”.

And to end the month, “Ace Ventura in Africa” will retire on April 30. It will be followed by “A Yellow Bird” as well as “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. The various “Mission Impossible” will also be excluded.


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