This Blown Glass Kylie Jenner Bag Is Nothing Practical, But You’ll See It Everywhere


MODE – Stop everything, we hold the it-bag of the year. And it’s blown glass. Yes, in blown glass, like the one Kylie Jenner holds in her hands in a series of photos that the reality TV star shared on her Instagram account this Thursday, April 7. It is an oval handbag that looks like a large egg formed by the handle.

That of Kylie Jenner is completely transparent and has two small horns, like those of the devil. Inside, there doesn’t seem to be much room: the 24-year-old entrepreneur has slipped two of her beauty products there, looking like lip sticks from afar.

The small accessory was designed by a young French fashion house very popular among celebrities, Coperni. The latter immediately shared in turn the photos taken by Kylie Jenner on her profile. “Who said it wasn’t functional?” wonders, not without irony, the brand in legend.

The practical aspect of the bag probably leaves a little dubious. This is also a point to which the designers who worked with the brand to develop the object returned. “For me, art is something that has no useful function. We can’t live in it, we can’t eat it. It’s just there, around us, for aesthetic purposes,” glassblower Peter Dupont told the magazine. ID.

He assures her: “Our pieces always have a function […]. This bag is functional: you can put your phone and your wallet in it.” Or flowers, adds his partner Breanna Box. “It can also be a weapon,” she jokes. Yes, a weapon for a woman who goes home alone in New York.”

The development of these bags is the result of a meticulous, delicate process and requires a lot of skill. As Coperni points out in British Vogue, the oven reaches extreme temperatures, close to 1500 degrees. Due to the shape of the bag, only one piece of glass is used. This therefore requires using a pair of scissors to pierce it, making the task could not be more sensitive. The brand shared a video on its Instagram account revealing part of the process.

Doja Cat, Rihanna, Maisie Williams…

Since it was spotted on the arm of Gigi Hadid during the last Coperni fashion show at the beginning of March, the blown glass bag has multiplied appearances.

No less than two stars had it with them on the Grammy Awards red carpet. This was the case of rapper Doja Cat, below. His was glazed with a gradation of blue and devoid of horns. Inside? Candy.

That of the singer Tinashe, he was given the colors of her pink dress: it was red. A tube of cream had been stored there.

Small and delicate, this new Coperni bag has a great destiny. The clothes and accessories of the Parisian brand, which recently collaborated with the actress of Game Of Thrones Maisie Williams to revisit her Swipe Bag, have already been seen on the back of Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa or even Zendaya. The list is long and continues to grow.

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