this drama that she lived while preparing Mask Singer


Mask Singer started fifteen days ago on TF1. New celebrities have agreed to slip into the show’s costumes to sing. Kev Adams, Anggun, Alessandra Sublet and Jarry lead, as for the first two seasons, the investigation to find the identity of the personalities who have agreed to play the game. From the first prime, Alain Bernard, disguised as Bernard the hermit, and the navigator Maud Fontenoy, made up as Coral Fish, have been unmasked. This Friday, April 9, it is the Tigress who revealed her identity. Against all expectations, it was the imitator Marc-Antoine Le Bret, who had borrowed the voice of Chantal Ladesou to fool budding detectives. But as Camille Combal hammered it, the show also hosted the time of an evening, an international star.

Teri Hatcher wanted to find her French audience

If the investigators thought when they discovered the clues that it could be Eva Longoria, it was finally another Desperate Housewives who was hiding in the costume of the ladybug, Teri Hatcher. The one who camped Susan Delfino in the series confided in the columns of Parisian about their participation in the program. “It was amazing! You know, it wasn’t trivial for me. There was a bit of worry and nervousness when it was time to shoot (in July 2021), because we were in the middle of covid, and even taking the “plane was a concern. And then, I had not found myself dancing and singing in front of an audience since my tour of the Cabaret show, in the United States, twenty years ago”, she enthuses as well. And the actress accepted this challenge, because she had no “almost not left (her) home for almost a year” because of the pandemic. “I also know that, since the playoffs Lois and Clark and Desperate HousewivesI can count on a loyal community of French fans”, she adds. The star also said a few words in French when she was unmasked.

Her father was in the hospital

Teri Hatcher also reveals to our colleagues that she took singing lessons to perform in this performance. “I had put aside my vocal abilities for a long time, taken up by my parental obligations and filming TV series, all these years, so I didn’t know if I could still sing the way I wanted it to be sung. We worked for about two months, then I recorded feeling good in the studio, in Paris”, she points out. She specifies in passing that this recording was made in difficult circumstances for her. “It was a very special day. My father had just had a stroke and was in the hospital – I am very moved telling you about it – so this recording was an intimate, funny and wonderful moment”, she indicates. She also reveals in the interview that in addition to her projects on television, and in particular the writing of a television series, she now takes care of her parents, “who have aged well”. “I am their only child, so I give them a lot of my attention”she concludes.


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