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Whenever we talk about Florent Pagny, we always fear the worst. Fortunately, the singer has a lucky star. We tell you everything!

Florent Pagny, on the job!

At the end of 2021, Florent Pagny is celebrating his sixtieth birthday. To celebrate with his admirers, he decides to start a tour throughout France. Of course, the experience of The Voice keeps him busy. However, he was always one step ahead of his singer friends. He very quickly took interest in communicating directly with them on social networks. There is no need to call on a Community manager to manage your image. For example, when the haters accuse him of having moved to Portugal to dodge taxes, he takes advantage of having a platform in Seven to Eight to answer without taking tweezers.

Allergic to rumours, he will repeat the experience at the end of January 2022. Unfortunately, this time, it is not necessarily to justify his choices. When the doctors tell him he has a tumor in his lungs, he is not at the end of his troubles. As proof, the latter cannot take place. The only solution he has to get out of it is chemotherapy. A few days later, Marghe’s exclusive testimony frightens the singer’s admirers. As he confided to the former winner of The Voice having the strength to continue his tour of France against all odds, the nursing staff imposes a stop on him. Ouch, what a drama behind the scenes! May Florent Pagny be reassured, his anonymous or famous fans only stop sending him courage and kindness!

After the rain…

Who remembers the lyrics to this tube by Florent Pagny? While they were intended for the tax administration, Objeko cannot help drawing a parallel with the current situation. Remember. When the Public Treasury seizes his vintage cars and his furniture, his BFF Pascal Obispo comes to his rescue. Machiavellian, he sends a relative and entrusts him with a checkbook. The Object? Bid on as many items as possible to clear the honor of Azucena’s darling and calm the future of the Aël and Inca children.

Surrounded by Patrick Fiori, Patrick Bruel and Jean-Charles Papi, Florent Pagny feels growing wings. As you announced Objeko in this article, the interpreter of Mama Corsican agreed to take over The Voice. And yes, the disease should not penalize its nuggets. He intends to win the trophy a second time. The least we can say is that the setting is magnificent and brings tears to the followers. ” Life goes on. Very nice day in Corsica with my singing comrades ! Always seeming solid in the face of the difficulty of everyday life or the evil that gnaws at him, he commands respect. For the rest, the doctors are clear on one point. If you’re not in good spirits or you don’t plan for the aftermath, recovery can be compromised. Without science explaining it, the pitiful cells can take over. So, no question of giving reason to all the ominous birds who thought he was f ** you!

… good weather comes for Florent Pagny

Our colleagues from Public are the first to have the information. It is therefore normal to greet them! After having interviewed a relative of the artist who wished to remain anonymous, the sun returns to settle in the daily life of Florent Pagny. Barely sixty days after the start of his treatment, the size of the tumor decreased considerably! While he was approaching half of the sessions, it would seem that the twenty he has left is just a simple “formality”!

Lately, fans have had a glimmer of hope. By agreeing to come and sing voluntarily for a concert in support of Ukraine, Florent Pagny has drawn features and has shaved off his beautiful hairstyle. Never mind, the Public contact confirms that only a ” very tired” invaded his daily life and that of his family. Unable to give up or sink into depression, this is not the kind of house. Moreover, with the excellent clue that we have provided, it seems that his strategy is bearing fruit. Something to show the way to all the other patients. It has always been an example! Continued in the next issue ofObjeko!

Thank you to our colleagues from Public


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