this sum he earned with his traffic in fake prescriptions…


Gilles Verdez is indeed likely to once again cause a lot of ink to flow. And therefore to arouse strong reactions among Internet users. But TPMP can’t complain about it. Since the principle of the show is based on the entertainment of the viewers. But especially on the fact of making their opinions heard, as diverse as they are, on the air of C8. Thus, they are regularly encouraged and thanked for their reactions. That being said, fans of Cyril Hanouna’s show will not be delighted to learn that Gilles Verdez was hijacking the law…

And this is not the first time that the columnist will find himself judged for his anecdotes. Readers ofObjeko may remember several of his polemical interventions in TPMP. Some led to memorable clashes on the C8 set. Other times, Gilles Verdez had confessed to hitting people with an iron bar. Or have suffered from a gambling addiction. But this April 5, it is his traffic in false prescriptions that is highlighted.

Gilles Verdez makes a new revelation that tarnishes his reputation

On the set of TPMP, it is not a team of columnists like the others that takes place. They are certainly work colleagues, but above all they are members of a large family. In any case, it is in this sense that Cyril Hanouna works with his columnists. Thus, speech is very free on set. Gilles Verdez and his colleagues can then easily get carried away in debates, hate each other for a few hours or a few days. But good humor is required to come back and take a seat around this table that is so popular with the public. Also, Cyril Hanouna not only invites his columnists to give their opinions, they also invite them to reveal anecdotes that concern them. All this, always in parallel with the facts they comment on. And Gilles Verdez has therefore lent himself to this exercise more than once.

As our colleagues from the magazine remind us Here isGilles Verdez notably told live that he had suffered from an addiction to games. “I had an addiction, which I never talked about, to games. At the races, at the PMU, at the trifectas. It’s tricky because you’re playing on a horse, after pairings, there’s a race, then ten races… You put in money. And since you have tips, I had information. », he explained, can be proud of himself. And Objeko also invites you to find his anecdote concerning the violence he showed in his youth.

“We are starting to win. I was making money, I found myself making a lot of money. I was playing on the races of all the meetings. Me, it was the trot. And you find yourself at the head of an amount that climbs considerably. To tell you the truth, at one point, it will seem a lot, I had won from one euro 7,500 euros. Which is a huge sum. », revealed Gilles Verdez in 2016. Admitting to having succeeded in getting rid of this addiction despite the enormous sum he had won thanks to his bets. But it is a traffic of another kind which therefore put Gilles Verdez in the spotlight, on the set of TPMPthis April 5th.

A surprising and intriguing confidence

This April 5, the teams of TPMP was led to comment on an astonishing affair. The story of a man who was vaccinated 90 times to be able to sell almost as many health passes. And thus make a maximum of money. Certainly between 15,000 and 20,000 euros according to Raymond.

As always, the columnists reacted. And they were then invited by Cyril Hanouna to confide in the traffic in which they were able to soak. Kelly Vedovelli or even Raymond then told rather banal anecdotes. But Gilles Verdez created the surprise. “I admit prescription trafficking but I have never been caught. There is prescription. I was young. », he launched. And the readers ofObjeko imagine that the host of TPMP wasn’t going to leave this confession without asking for some clarification.

“It was prescription trafficking in a few pharmacies. In fact, it was products that cause a certain euphoria. Nothing serious. (…) I was very young. (…) Stimulating products for a short time. But very light, very little traffic. (…) I stopped everything. », explained Gilles Verdez. Also, it was not the first time that the columnists were called upon to reveal their youthful mistakes. The fact that the columnist is only talking about it now suggests that it was a flourishing business that paid off big… Perhaps Cyril Hanouna will therefore come back later on this astonishing case of trafficking in fake prescriptions?


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