Ukraine demands more weapons from NATO


Several diplomats have used the term: the images of the massacres of civilians in Boutcha have led to a real “upheaval” at NATO, where the foreign ministers met on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 April. The Alliance’s response is unanimous and can be summed up in one formula: “We must stop the war without making the war”, as a diplomatic source put it. So hope that the sanctions imposed on the Russian regime will bear fruit and force it to really negotiate. And hope, too, that the resistance of the Ukrainians will last, even as the battle of Donbass “is already in progress”, declared Thursday evening Dmytro Kouleba, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, invited to the meeting in Brussels.

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“No country is in favor of sending troops to Ukraine”, stated once again the Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. No more question, either, of the delivery of fighter planes to kyiv. In order to avoid a ” escalation “ which would lead to an open conflict with immeasurable consequences between Russia and NATO. Similar reasoning in Washington: “The interest of the United States and the American people is not to go to war against Russia”said Tuesday, the spokesman for the State Department.

Mr. Kouleba has long since integrated this data. He knows that there will be no direct intervention from the allies because the threat of a nuclear response agitated by Vladimir Putin from the outbreak of the conflict carried. “Serbia did not have nuclear weapons”replies a diplomat, in an allusion to “Deliberate Force”, the NATO bombing operation of the positions of the Serbian army in Bosnia, in 1995, or to “Allied Force”, in Kosovo, in 1999.

Painful contradictions of Europeans

Mr. Kouleba therefore left with a single promise: new weapons. “to ensure that Ukrainians can defend themselves”as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said. “Armament is now or it will be too late”replied the head of Ukrainian diplomacy. “I have no doubt that Ukraine will have the necessary weapons, the question is when”he insisted in an allusion to the delay between verbal commitments and their concretization.

“Either you help us now, and I’m talking days, not weeks. Either it will come too late and a lot of people will die (…) »added Mr. Kouleba. “The production chains must be accelerated, but the States currently present in external theaters have their own needs”replies a diplomat, agreeing to worrying slowness.

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