Ukraine: In kyiv, Boris Johnson receives a meaningful ceramic rooster


WAR IN UKRAINE – A rooster offered to an Englishman. The image might make you smile at first glance, yet it has a strong symbolism for Ukrainians since the invasion of the country by Russian troops.

This Saturday, April 9, Boris Johnson continued his visit to Ukraine. After a surprise arrival and a first meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, the two men set off on a walk – under escort – through the deserted streets of kyiv.

During this visit to the capital, a young woman approached the British Prime Minister to offer him a ceramic rooster. At first surprised, Boris Johnson launches “I come from London” to this Ukrainian, surely thinking of a confusion with the symbol of France. But the young woman then replies: “I know, I come from Kharkiv”.

“BoJo” was then explained the reason for this offering, which is very symbolic for the Ukrainian population.

These ceramic jugs in the shape of a rooster were designed by the Ukrainian sculptor artist Prokop Bidasiuk, whose work on toys, vases or tableware is exhibited at the National Museum of Folk Applied Arts in kyiv.

Symbol of resilience in Ukraine

As explained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Twitter, this work refers to an event that occurred in Borodianka, a small town located 60 km from kyiv whose situation was described by Volodymyr Zelensky as “much more horrible” than in Boutcha.

These ceramic roosters by artist Prokop Bidasiuk were recognized in a photo at Borodianka. In a building gutted by the bombardments, a kitchen cupboard was still standing and on it a rooster by the Ukrainian artist still sat enthroned, intact.

Since then, this image has made the rounds of Ukraine to become a “symbol of inviolability” as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls it in its tweet.

Volodymyr Zelensky and Boris Johnson took the opportunity to immortalize the moment with the woman behind these gifts.

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