Ukrainian soldiers suspected of shooting a Russian military prisoner





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In a video authenticated by the New York Times, Ukrainian troops finish off a Russian soldier on the ground at point-blank range. Compromising images for kyiv, which calls for respect for Russian prisoners.

Mariupol, Boucha, Borodyanka and now Kramatorsk, Russian abuses continue in Ukraine. But another case calls out: this time it concerns the Ukrainian army against Russian soldiers prisoners. Videos have been circulating for a few days. “The latest comes from The New York Times which verified and authenticated a video on April 4, in which Ukrainian troops capture and kill a Russian soldier. The scene takes place following an ambush on a road in countryside near the village of Dmitrovka west of kyiv”explains Mohamed Mezerai, journalist at franceinfo. “We see soldiers finishing off at point-blank range, on the ground, a Russian soldier who was wearing the white armband. He seemed to have attracted the attention of the Ukrainian soldiers while he was on the ground”he continues.

“These images are embarrassing on the Ukrainian side because this war is also that of communication. This is not the first time that there have been abuses committed on the Ukrainian side. The first time dates back to March 27 in the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian government promises to investigate these facts to find the perpetrators. kyiv has reminded all its soldiers that Russian prisoners must be treated well, in accordance with the Geneva Convention”, emphasizes Mohamed Mezerai. Investigations are therefore carried out and new elements appear after the Boutcha massacre. “It is the German magazine Der Spiegel which reveals that the German intelligence services intercepted radio communications from Russian soldiers, who were talking about the death of civilians. In one of them a Russian soldier says he shot a Ukrainian who was riding a bicycle. The Russians continue to deny and accuse kyiv of having staged everything”, he finally specifies.

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