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Friday, April 8, 2022 at 7:47 PM

Reaction to the Gaussin group’s announcement of development on the former Konecranes site in Saint Vallier

Announcement of the development of the Gaussin group in Saint-Vallier

illustration of the success of the territory in its reindustrialization

and its economic dynamics.

Communicated :

“The Gaussin group, a pioneer in clean and intelligent transport dedicated to goods and people, has announced as part of the increase in its production capacities, the installation of a new 28,000 m2 site in Saint-Vallier, one of the 34 municipalities of the Creusot Montceau Urban Community.

This rise in power and this change of dimension of Gaussin which is more firmly anchored in our territory, after the installation of its subsidiary Metalliance, reflect the relevance of the economic strategy of the CUCM.

In its press release, the Gaussin group mentions “a site immediately available with large halls adapted to Gaussin products, perfectly equipped with lifting means, industrial facilities and testing grounds”. This immediate availability is the result of the mobilization of our economic mechanisms for the preservation of the industrial tool. We worked, the CUCM, our public land establishment (EPF), the SEM for industrial cooperation in Burgundy (SEMCIB), to offer it on the premises market after the site found itself empty when Konecranes closed,” David Marti, President of the Creusot Montceau Urban Community.

“Following the cessation of Konecranes’ activity in 2021, it was essential that this site not become an industrial wasteland. Its acquisition by the Creusot Montceau Urban Community, which entrusted its reindustrialization to SEMCIB, has already enabled the installation in 2021 by Metalliance of two production lines for machinery manufactured by the Gaussin group. A strategy that has proven its strength since it now benefits this large group and reinforces the attractiveness of the territory”, Jean-Claude Lagrange, Vice-president of the Creusot Montceau Urban Community and President of Semcib.

The production on our territory of heavy electric and hydrogen vehicles is fully in line with the development of an industry at the forefront of innovation.


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