War in Ukraine: How was Azatbeck Omurbekov, the alleged “butcher” of Boutcha, identified by Ukrainian activists?


Ukrainian activists on Wednesday identified Azatbeck Omurbekov, a Russian lieutenant-colonel, as one of the probable perpetrators of the Boutcha massacre.

Last weekend, the whole world discovered with horror the abuses committed by the Russian army in the town of Boutcha, located in the suburbs of kyiv. Hundreds of bodies lay on the ground in the streets of the city deserted by the recent withdrawal of the Russian army. If Moscow denies being at the origin of these crimes, since then, material evidence has been brought in particular by the press.

The international community has also launched several calls to bring the culprits before the International Criminal Tribunal (ICC) for war crimes. This is how the site InformNapalm, which informs about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, revealed, this Wednesday, the identity of the one who was quickly named the “butcher of Boutcha”. It would be a Russian military leader in his forties named Azatbeck Omuberkov.

The Ukrainian activists behind the identification of the presumed culprit would have used a database of open access documents, in particular powered by the hacker group Anonymous, as explained by FranceInfo. InformNapalm indicates that Azatbeck Omuberkov would be the commander of unit no. 51460responsible for the many abuses carried out in Boutcha in recent days.

ud83cuddf7ud83cuddfa ud83cuddfaud83cudde6 Every day there are new elements on Russian abuses: hundreds of civilians killed but also women raped.

The man who would have supervised the Russian abuses of #boucha has been identified: Lieutenant-Colonel Azatbek #Omurbekov

u25b6 #JT1213 @France3tv pic.twitter.com/QNF9vAEnNj

– Info France 3 (@infofrance3) April 7, 2022

The Ukrainian activists have tried to get in touch by telephone with the alleged “butcher of Boutcha”, without success. His relatives said they would not have heard from him for several days. According to intelligence services, it is currently near the town of belgordon the Russian side of the border, preparing a new military intervention.

In addition to his identity, InformNapalm also revealed personal information about the Russian soldier, including his postal address, his e-mail address as well as his telephone number.

If he is the first to be identified, many other soldiers could be held responsible in the coming days, according to the Boutcha district attorney, Ruslan Kravchenko. He told BFMTV to have “already a hundred pages of names and surnames of Russian soldiers, and photos of Russian soldiers who were involved during the occupation” of Boutcha.

But who is really the “butcher of Boutcha”?

Commander of the 64th brigade of motorized infantry, Azatbeck Omuberkov is a recognized officer. He already knows Ukraine since he had already led operations in Crimea and Donbass in 2014. The “butcher of Boutcha” was also decorated for his “prowess”. Also in 2014, the Russian received a medal from Russian Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov for “outstanding service”. More recently, in 2021, it was from the Orthodox Church that he received a blessing.

#Russian army commander who ‘organized mass rape and murder’ in #Bucha is unmasked as God-fearing Lieutenant Colonel recently wounded by Orthodox church – hours after #Zelensky shocked the #A with horrifying images and demanded Nuremberg-style trialshttps://t.co/Q9S7ENikTk

—InformNapalm (@InformNapalm) April 7, 2022


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