War in Ukraine: Lviv mourns two of its children but believes in its destiny


As a train of two thousand five hundred exiles from Donbass arrived, the big city in western Ukraine was burying, this Saturday morning, two soldiers who died at the front of this region occupied by pro-Russians since 2014. determination of the people here cannot be denied. Defense support is total.

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What fervor! In an overwhelming silence, several thousand people gently take up the religious songs of the Orthodox priests lined up in the front row. The two coffins are placed along the wall of the city’s huge main cemetery, but outside. On the side of the Esplanade of Heroes, because that’s where the two children from Lviv we mourn today will be buried. The graves are already dug.

For several hundred meters extend the graves of the sons of Lviv who died during the First World War, then, further down, those who perished during the Second War. Three other graves are fresher, at the very bottom, they date from last month. With the two of today, that will make five victims of the invasion decided by Vladimir Putin, and nobody here gets used to it.

Alone, in groups of friends or in family, they are collected and tensed, often carrying a small bouquet of yellow and blue flowers which they will then throw on one of the two coffins. And many are crying, even though they didn’t know either of the two men we are burying today.

Without hesitation

Yet they were popular, each in their own way. Oleksandr Dymarzkyi, 43, a family man and career soldier, has plenty of friends in this still crowd. They are not talkative, but close together around the family. And they know why their friend died. ” Here, we have nothing to do with Russia, its way of life, and the dreams of reconquest of its dictatorsaid one of those who arrived well before the start of the ceremony. We are focused on Europe and even if Putin does not want to admit it, it will always be so. Europe is freedom, and that is what we want to defend. Oleksandr said nothing else. »

The coffin next door, on which is placed a photo of his smiling face, is that of Dmytro Sydoruk, a veteran of the Donbass war, already seriously injured in 2010, near Luhansk. He had then undergone several operations, suffered a lot and worked hard to resume a normal life, and even become an archery champion. ” He did not hesitate to go back to the front, to defend his country, from the end of February, says one of his admirers. He also leaves a son, and a lot of sadness in the looks that accompany him one last time, this Saturday morning.

Putin must be judged

And resentment, too. Vladimir Putin concentrates here also all the contained rage of this dignified people even in mourning. And we wish him the worst: He really needs to be judged one day for what he’s done to us. And for everything else he’s done… A group of old friends who remained behind the crowd discussed the idea of ​​indispensable justice: The crimes of communism have never been punished. This is why Putin, who is its heir, thinks everything is permitted. »

And they are the heirs of a people who struggle to live in their own way, who look west and believe in their unity. And in his fate. At a time when, on the other side of the city, another train arrives filled with two thousand five hundred exiles from Kramatorsk, where the attack on the station left fifty-two dead on Friday morning, people are talking around the cemetery. of the fear aroused by the situation in this region, like that in the south, towards Mariupol. “ It’s hell, but we’ll get out of it said one of these old people.

And like the others, he kneels when the two coffins pass, before singing the anthem of his country. They don’t sing loudly, these thousands of people, but they all sing. The eyes straight, and even if they are wet. The clear throat, even if it is knotted. What fervor, really, until the end of this ceremony. These two didn’t die for nothing.

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