Warner Bros. Discovery seeks to overhaul DC Entertainment (movies, series and video games)


It did not take long after the formalization of the takeover of Warner Bros. to AT&T by Discovery to hear first news on the new directives to be taken within the newly founded entity. In recent weeks, we have already learned of the successive departure of several of the pundits of Warner Media – whose positions were no longer useful for the management in place. Now it’s serious variety that we hear the echo of a profound reorganization to come within DCEntertainment – with regard to the cinema division, but also in terms of TV series and video games.

All-New DC Coming Soon

According to the sources that support varietythe new CEO in place at Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslavis seriously considering reviewing the way DCEntertainment operates, with a reorganization of the structure to be reviewed in depth. At present, several sub-divisions operate in parallel (DC Movies for cinema, Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Games for the other sectors), and the idea will probably be to concentrate the efforts in a more vertical way, and under the same super-entity to which could be attached a person who would have the strength and the vision to lead everything in the same direction .

If you are familiar with pop culture, you will have recognized in this last sentence a construction which resembles what marvel studios fact – and it is not innocent. Although Warner no longer operates in the same way as his studio since the failure of Justice League in 2017, the desire to Zaslav would be to find a form of proto-Kevin Feigea thinking head who could embody the brand DC Comics on adaptations for the very general public. The concentration of entities also evokes the recent disappearance of marvel television for the benefit of a marvel studios almighty, who now manages all that is live-action in terms of adjustments. Nevertheless, variety states that the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery Above all, bet on a person capable of managing a large business, and making the different departments work in harmony, rather than having a “visionary” guru who would pilot everything for a single creative model. One in the other, we can blow hot and cold in view of the potential declarations of intent.

It is also said that the new management of Discovery is not completely satisfied with the way the brand DC was managed in the cinema. If it recognizes certain successes like Aquaman Where The Batman (to a lesser extent financially), it is written that the brand Superman has been sidelined for too long (even though two adaptation projects are in active development), while variety also explains that projects like Joker are very well seen by their way of exploiting secondary characters (the praises being also present for the harley quinn performed by Margot Robbie). A speech that leaves you thinking about the desire of the new management to leave even more leeway to creative people to carry out “author” projects.

But the revision plans of Warner Bros Discovery are not limited to the cinema, since the company believes that DC must do more to develop its brand image, be it the streaming and TV series (with several projects in development on HBO Maxsuch as Batgirlthe series on Penguin and “Arkham“derived from The Batmanor Green Lanterns), or even video games (for the moment, only Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are known to the public). From a bureaucratic point of view, Walter Hamada is still in place at the head of DC Movies and is to remain there until the end of 2023 – it’s a safe bet that he and Zaslav will have some important discussions for the future of the company.

And if we talk about the creative side of the company, we must not forget that the takeover of Warner Media was very expensive (43 billion dollars), and that it will be necessary to expect budget cuts and savings made within this future reorganization. Zaslav he himself promised to recover 3 billion by removing duplicates within the new company. Exploitation of the character catalog DC Comics can make it possible, if done well, to make up for the losses linked to the redemption. In the immediate future, we especially hope that the structure DC Comics pure, the one who deals with making comics, will not be too affected by these future changes.



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