Warner Bros. Discovery wants to revamp DC Entertainment (DC Films…)


David Zaslavbig egg of Warner Bros. Discovery, indicated that the new company has embarked on the study of an overhaul of DCEntertainment.

Warner Bros. Discovery is looking for its “Kevin Feige” to give more coherence to the various DC projects

It’s been less than a week since the $43 billion merger deal between Discovery and Warner Media has been concluded, and David ZaslavCEO of Warner Bros. Discovery – as well as senior executives, have toyed with the idea of ​​making DC a clean and solid content vertical. Zaslav believe that the success of the merger, which as a reminder left the company heavily in debt, will largely depend on exploiting the full potential of the universe DC Comics.

These changes could affect the development of the films DC within WarnerBros. Pictures Group, but also tv series on streaming services, and video games. The purpose of the maneuver, to more closely align the various projects that may be disparate today, in order to maximize the value of the superhero stable of DC.

And to redesign this strategy as well as possible, Zaslav would be looking for a creative and strategic candidate, like Kevin Feige at the house of Marvel. One of these candidates was Emma wattsthe former senior executive of 20th Century Studios and Paramount, but it seems that the latter is not interested in the position. An insider reportedly suggested that Zaslav was less interested in finding a creative guru and would be more eager to hire someone who had the kind of business experience needed for the various divisions within DC can work more harmoniously.

“Abandoned leading characters like Superman need to be revitalized”

Although DC has achieved several cinematic successes with recent films like Aquaman, The Batman Where Jokerit is missing for Zaslav a coherent creative and brand strategy. Warner Bros. Discovery think several prominent characters, like Supermanhave been abandoned and need to be revitalized.

As a reminder, although no plans have been confirmed for a return of Cavillseveral projects Superman are under development. Like the movie written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the tv series on Val Zod developed on HBO Max.

Zaslav wants more projects like ‘Joker’

Zaslav also think that projects like ” Joker » of Todd Phillips are a great example of how the secondary characters of DC can and should be exploited. Although DC Already recently offers spin-off projects of some of its films, such as Peacemaker on HBO Max which is a spin-off of Tea Suicide squadand the series penguin to come on HBO Maxwhich is a spin-off of Tea Batman, Warner Bros. Discovery estimate that DC needs to do more to develop its adaptations of the comicsin particular by strengthening video games.

Since 2018, Walter Hamada succeeded to Jon Berg and Geoff Johns at the head of DC Movies. Hamada is currently under contract until the end of 2023 and could play an important role in whatever Zaslav and his team have planned for the future of DC At the movie theater. Decisions that should not impact future films: Shazam 2, black adam, Batgirl, Aquaman 2 or Blue Beetle.

As for TV series, many projects are currently under development, whether on The CW (Gotham Knights, Justice U…), HBO Max (Peacemaker season 2, Penguin, Green Lantern…) or netflix (The Sandman…). As for video games, DC will be released this year Gotham Knightsand Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and The Wolf Among US 2 next year. A game on wonder Woman is also currently in development.



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