“We have to put the package to recruit two big players”


The end of the season is fast approaching, OM are well placed to finish on the podium and qualify for a European place. With an already solid, homogeneous and united group, the Sampaoli/Longoria tandem has what it takes to build serenely for the future. However, some adjustments will have to be made to do well next season. And on this point, our guest Karim Zéribi has his very specific opinion.

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8 days before the end of this 2021/2022 Ligue 1 season, Olympique de Marseille is second with 5 points ahead of 4th, Nice. A ranking of good omen before the insane calendar which awaits the Olympians during this month of April with a trip to Paris and the reception of Lyon. It will then be time to dive into one of the favorite periods of supporters and all those who gravitate around the club: the transfer window. It is obvious that the latter will greatly depend on the place in which OM will finish at the end of the championship. Nobody at the club, be it coach Sampaoli or president Longoria, hides the fact that the number one objective is to get a place on the podium and qualify for the Champions League. If this mission is fulfilled, one can imagine that an ambitious recruitment will be orchestrated. For our guest, Karim Zéribi (watch in the video clip above), the management of OM must rely on the current group and seek out 1 or 2 players who will bring real value:

“You have to manage to get 2 players who are above the lot. Go get 2 no more and keep the current group. If you go looking for players who are of the level of those we already have in the group, there is no interest. You don’t have to go get a second Dieng, a second Harit or Under, you have to go get 2 players on whom you put the package, keep the existing one and you’ll get 2 indisputable players who will get us through this level. » Karim Zeribi – Source: Football Club Marseille (04/04/2022)

Prioritize quality over quantity!

Do not make a mass recruitment but an addition transfer window is what the media specialist would like. A strategy that would not break the positive dynamic that has been created this year within this group and which could even, according to the native of Avignon, have a positive effect on young people like Dieng, Luis Henrique or Konrad De La Fuente:

“The boys around will progress because when you play with great players, you progress. And then we have young people who have room for improvement who will benefit from that too. So we have to bet on that, go find the two rare pearls which will perhaps be a little expensive but which will allow us to cross this level that we are waiting for and that we all hope for” Karim Zeribi – Source: Football Club Marseille (04/04/2022)

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