What do the first reviews say?


Expected at the turn, the third part of the adventures of Norbert Dragonneau has already been shown to the American press. Is the third Harry Potter spin-off a success?

After a delightful first opus, the saga Fantastic Beasts struggled to break into the box office. The second chapter, not really appreciated by the critics, failed to achieve its objectives in theaters. It will only report $654.9 million at the international box office, more than 150 million less than the previous one. While Warner Bros initially planned to produce 5, the firm has since become rather discreet about the future of its franchise.

The future of the saga could therefore be based on the reception of this third opus, nothing is assured. While the Potterheads are counting the days that separate them from the release next Wednesday in the United States, a few lucky ones have already had the opportunity to find out. On Rotten Tomatoesearly reviews have been shared, and they are quite encouraging.

Thus, the new film from Warner Bros obtains the honest score of 61% of positive reviews. Although it is not yet “Fresh” certified, it is off to a rather good start. Here are the most representative opinions.

The Daily Mail UK writes: “It all unfolds with energy, wit and dazzling special effects, although you’ll need to have seen the first two films to have more than a vague hint of what’s going on.”

Eric Goldman at FANDOM also generally enjoyed the trip: “It’s much better than the second and the title Fantastic Beasts is much more justified. I liked it, even if it is a strange saga as a whole.”

Starbust magazine is equally complimentary: “The performances are serious and authentic, the action is fast, fun and furiously filmed. It is finally the closest to the franchise that makes us find the magic of Harry Potter.”

But the critics are far from being all rave reviews, the Herald Sun Australia, for example, was not convinced by David Yates’ new film. “For at least the first 100 minutes, of almost 150, The Secrets of Dumbledore plods along in a state of amiable boredom.

Same story at Film Stories: “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets is another frustrating entry into this saga. It feels like 142 minutes of setup where ultimately not much happens in terms of story or character development.”

As a reminder, Dumbledore’s Secrets chronicles the long-awaited fight between Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore. It will also offer us an unprecedented dive into the origins of the future director of Hogwarts, while exploring a little more the destiny of Norbert Scamander.

While Gellert Grindelwald wants to take control of the wizarding world, and that of the Muggles, Dumbledore instructs Norbert Scamander to recruit powerful magicians to thwart his plans. But how long can he stay away?


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