“What matters is that I am proud of my career,” says Velours, eliminated in the battles


At the blind auditions of The Voiceshe had taken over the piano from You will forget me. If it marked the memory of the public, Velours however bowed to the battles of season 11 of telecrochet on Saturday on TF1. The young artist, originally from Le Mans (Sarthe), was opposed, on a cover of white paradise, to Jessie and Ofé. It is the latter that Marc Lavoine chose to continue the adventure. Velours, who was not drafted by any of the other three coaches, gives his impressions to 20 minutes.

When you learned that you would be participating in a three-way battle, did that put extra pressure on you?

Sure ! It’s always complicated to sing with people you don’t necessarily know. Two, we do not necessarily share the same musicality, so three, it adds even more pressure. But it went pretty well. With the girls, it was quite fluid, even musically, the exchange was clear. Frankly, it’s a good surprise.

Competing in threes is also, in terms of probabilities, telling yourself that you don’t have a one in two chance of continuing, as in a traditional battle, but a one in three chance. Did you have that in mind?

I had not come in a state of mind where I expected something. The only thing I expected from this battle was to be happy with my performance. Afterwards, if it continued, it was great. And if it stopped, as long as I was happy with the work I had done and what I had given, that was the most important thing, more than the result. In the end, it was the case, I am satisfied with this battle. I’m proud of my career and that’s what matters most to me.

Marc Lavoine said that your musical culture tends to hold you back. Did you understand what he meant by that?

I think he meant that, as I listen to a lot of different things, I have a lot of different musical cultures. It was perhaps a way of saying that I tend to put these codes everywhere and that there is a question of dosage to be refined. And that is something that I completely feel, whether in the way I compose or sing. I feel that I drag a lot of different styles: jazz, variety, soul… His remark was very relevant.

During your blind audition, Florent Pagny immediately guessed that you were a musician, Vianney described you as a “diamond in the rough”…

It was amazing to receive such feedback from people I greatly admire. It’s encouraging, it bodes well for the rest of my project and my future career.

What exactly is your project?

I am working on a first single which will be released by the end of spring and on an EP planned for the end of the year. I’m fine-tuning the arrangements. This project, Velours, is The Voice, but that’s also what I’m artistically, and not just covers – although I love it. I have a repertoire of songs, I play French variety pop.

What is your assessment of your career in “The Voice”?

It was crazy to be able to practice in such conditions, with people who take such care of us, an optimal technical framework in terms of lights, stage, sound… I learned a lot. And then I met new people, made friends. It was a very nice adventure.


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