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The host of Do not forget the lyrics lived years of happiness alongside Marine Vignes. Alas, their relationship did not last. Two years after the birth of their first child, they separated. A painful break for the mother, but she was able to fall in love again, in the arms of her director.

A real “heartbreak”

They were together in the 90s. Madly in love with each other, Nagui and Marine Vignes even decided to have a child. The couple then became parents of a little girl named Nina. This was born in 1997.

Nina was only two years old when her parents separated in 1999. The presenter admitted that it was a real “heartbreak”. Indeed, their break-up was much more difficult than she thought. The exes even had a problem setting up joint custody of their daughter.

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In a relationship with Marc-Antoine Colonna

In this situation, Marine Vignes was able to count on the support of Marc-Antoine Colonna. The latter helped her overcome her breakup and supported her in everything she went through. Since then, the lovers have not left each other. They built a home and became parents, too. Two children were born from their idyll: Tess and Gaston.

The lovebirds are very discreet about their family life. However, Nina’s mother made an exception, sharing a photo on Instagram where we see her companion and her two daughters. It was on the occasion of his birthday.

“50-1. Simply finish this quarantine, well surrounded. Thank you my darlings, ”he wrote in the caption of the photo.

Marc-Antoine Colonna is a director, as has been said. He is a discreet man, the complete opposite of Nagui who is always in the spotlight. The lovers would have married according to certain rumors, but the pretty blonde and host of the shows 100% Unexpected, Secrets de Stars, and Night Out has not formalized their union at all.

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Nagui, in a relationship with Mélanie page

For his part, Nagui spins the perfect love with Mélanie Page, the Australian-British actress. Who is she ? Mélanie Page was born on September 29, 1975 in Paris. Passionate about cinema, she studied comedy in Paris and began her career in 1998 with a small appearance in the film Piège à Hong-Kong, alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme.

She then landed a role in the film Joan of Arc (1999) directed by Luc Besson and worn by Milla Jovovich and John Malkovich, but became known for her appearance in the French series Sous le soleil. Thanks to the series, she gained notoriety in France.

From the 2000s, the young woman began to expand to other horizons and appeared in a few plays, including Behind closed doors (2002), by Robert Hossein, performed at the Marigny theatre. At the same time, Mélanie Page has always continued her career in cinema. She was also seen in You will laugh, but I leave you (2005) or even You will miss me (2009).

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They have three children together

Nagui and Mélanie Page married in 2005. The couple had three children, namely: Roxane (17 years old), Annabel (13 years old) and Adrien (9 years old). Very happy, they do not hesitate to appear together whether on social networks or on TV.

It must be said, despite the passage of time, the couple love each other as on the first day, very deeply as for the first time. Moreover, Nagui told in his autobiographical book that he had a real crush on the actress when he saw her at the time, in the series Under the sun in Saint-Tropez.

However, this sentiment was not shared. Mélanie Page was not attracted to the presenter of Don’t forget the lyrics. It would seem that she was “not at all ready to embark on a relationship”.

“She made me hang around for months,” admitted Nagui.

Finally, they got together and are swimming in happiness today.

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