who is actress Joey King’s boyfriend?


After starring in the trilogy The Kissing BoothJoey King is now the star of the film The In Between, available on Netflix. If in this romantic drama, the actress mourns the death of her boyfriend, in reality, she is a woman fulfilled since her engagement with Steven Piet.

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On the program for this Friday, April 8, Netflix subscribers can watch the new romantic drama, The In Between. The production, directed by Arie Posin, follows Tessa, a teenager who doesn’t believe in love after spending most of her childhood in foster homes. However, her vision of love changes when she meets Skylar, a teenager from a neighboring town and a romantic diehard. But just as she began to open her heart, Tessa is struck by the death of her boyfriend from a car accident she survives. Desperate by the loss of the love of her life, the young woman tries to reconnect with Skylar one last time from beyond. A sad story that puts forward Joey King in the skin of Tessa, the teenager with a broken heart. A contrast to the actress’ love life, which is now engaged to Steven Piet.

Who is in a relationship with Joey King?

Producer, screenwriter and director, everything succeeds in steven piet. According to his IMDB profile, he worked as a cinematographer and editor for multiple projects, before participating in documentaries Girl Rising and I Melt With You. Steven Piet also wrote and directed his first independent film, Uncle John, which had its debut at the SXSW festival. He chained the projects with the position of consulting producer for the series Nightflyers (2018), based on a short story by George RR Martin and with the direction of several episodes of Channel Zero and Briarpatch (2020). The following year, he met actress Joey King on the set of the anthology series The Actwhich he co-produced and directed, broadcast on Hulu across the Atlantic and on the Starz Play platform in France.

Joey King’s fiery declaration to his fiancé

In March 2022, Joey King and Steven Piet announced their engagement. “JI did not know that love could be so powerful, to the point of taking the air out of your lungs to spread it throughout your body and put undeniable joy in your eyes. I didn’t know that the presence of a person or a heart could make you feel like a home. I didn’t know love could be so beautiful. I didn’t know that until I met you. Last February 2 when you asked me to marry you, you made me the luckiest woman in the world. I love you more than an Instagram post can show. Spending time with you feels like a dream, so let’s do it“, she had written on Instagram. As for Steven Piet, the director had also made a beautiful statement to his fiancée on the social network. “It was cold, windy, perfectly imperfect to ask my best friend to spend a lifetime together. A life of security and sweet conversations. To hold hands in a taxi without speaking, after eating well and drinking red wine. To laugh, to laugh uncontrollably. You unlocked a dimension of love in me that I didn’t know”.

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