who is Kristofer, the Belgian candidate who has just joined the Nagui Game Masters?


Just one week after his arrival in Do not forget the lyricsand after having already greatly impressed the viewers and the host, Nagui, Kristofer has just glimpsed the possibility, this Monday, April 11, 2022, of joining the next France 2 Game Masters. The Belgian candidate, 24 years old and living in Liège, has indeed accumulated 131,000 euros in winnings in 14 victories . While he is in 32nd place in the ranking of the greatest Maestros, tied with Virginie, he confides in Tele-Leisure.

Tele-Leisure: how do you feel as you potentially integrate the Masters of Do not forget the lyrics?

Kristofer: I shot tonight’s shows after a three-week break in filming. I was very stressed, because I had missed my last two finals, except for one word (those broadcast on Saturday April 9, editor’s note). I was afraid of not entering the Masters. Today, I don’t believe it. It had been my dream for four years. It’s crazy ! Just talking about it is very moving…

If someone were to overtake you in the standings, you would no longer be able to take part… Is this place fragile?

Yes, plus I’m tied with Virginia. I know I have to go a little higher. But I have no words to describe the pleasure of being there. To this day, I still don’t have a goal. I’m always afraid to go to the next show. I just want to make sure I can come back. There, I have already won everything, and experienced a strong moment: when I exceeded 50,000 euros, I called my mother between two shoots. She was proud and told me, “imagine, you exceed 100,000 euros”, when I was already happy to earn 50,000. When I passed them, I immediately thought of her.

What prompted you to sign up for the show?

I had looked at it a few times, without really being interested in the concept. It was when I saw Héloïse play that I started to revise, in November 2017. I really liked her personality and what she gave off on screen.

How many songs have you revised?

1700, and by heart, I must know 750. I started by creating playlists, in which I put 50 to 70 songs per week. I was also looking on the internet for old shows, and I became interested in old maestros: as soon as a great candidate finished an entire song, I watched it on a loop to get the exact lyrics. The great Maestros fascinate me. I also watch the show every day for four years, which allows me to have the editors’ words, which you can’t find on the internet. Afterwards, I rewrote all the lyrics in about thirty notebooks. I cycle a lot, especially in the summer, which allows me to listen to a lot of songs. I do the same on public transport.

How many times have you passed the casting?

I passed it four times, in three different cities. The first time was in February 2018.

What made the difference during your last casting?

During my previous attempts, I was told that on the voice side, things weren’t going too well. I had also remembered which songs were offered to us during the last stage. Three days before this casting, I had locked myself in a room, I sang again, I filmed myself… I had prepared everything I had to say and I knew which songs I had weaknesses on. I had gone over the songs like crazy, but this time I had worked on the vocals.

Did you feel any pressure on your first show on April 4, 2022?

I was under enormous pressure. I had already known for two years that I had been selected, but due to the Covid, I had not been able to come earlier. I had been called a week before for the shoots. I locked myself in and studied for 12 to 14 hours a day. Meeting Nagui was a dream come true. I was afraid of failing, but I was happy to be there. There was more excitement than stress: I wanted to shoot everything.

What was your first goal when you arrived on set?

I really wanted the silver microphone, because I worked a lot. At the end of the first broadcast, I was already happy to have won 10,000 euros. It could end there for me. It was already so much more than I could earn as a student! I hadn’t given myself a goal, but my ultimate dream was to enter the Masters. I woke up every morning with this idea. It boosted me in my personal life.

Who are the great Maestros who inspired you?

I have already mentioned Arsène on the show. During his career, I came as a joker. I had already met him. He is very strong. Héloïse’s dynamism marked me, and we have the same musical tastes. What fascinates me about the great Maestros is their mastery of French song. When you see Hervé, for example, he is unpredictable. He knows everything and anything. For me, they are idols! All have their sensitivity.

How did you apprehend the broadcast of the programs?

The night before the premiere, I didn’t sleep. I was very afraid of negative comments, because I am very dynamic on the set. When I watch these shows again, I relive the emotions I felt then. I was thinking about the image I was going to give, and I was afraid of not loving myself either. I was afraid of singing out of tune too, because on the set, I can’t hear myself singing with the orchestra. But I was glad to see it all again. I’m very happy with what’s aired, even if I don’t like some details, like my hairstyle or my voice, which I don’t like at times.

Do you watch what is being said on social media?

I don’t have Twitter. I know there are differing opinions here. But I’m super happy. I receive a lot of messages, it touches me a lot!


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