who really is Kristofer, the new maestro who impresses Nagui


On April 4, 2022, the faithful of the show Do not forget the lyrics met Kristofer. A master’s student in law, it seems that the youngster is also good at remembering the words of songs. Moreover, it is already his sixth victories in the game. A beautiful course which is already announced and which Nagui hopes to last.

A surprising anecdote

Kristofer made his entrance a few days ago and he is already talking about him. He is comfortable on stage and familiar with everyone. Even the presenter begins to like him, especially when he told an anecdote about Patrick Bruel whom he met in an unusual place.

” I was small. We support an association with my dad, Télévie, and we arrived at Brussels Expo where the artists were performing. I had to pee and Patrick Bruel was peeing too. And my dad took a photo in the bathroom! He was very embarrassed in the photo! “said the young man.

The story amused Melanie Page’s companion. And he was not yet at the end of his surprises because Kristofer surprised him and also embarrassed him by becoming too comfortable on stage. It was however only his second participation.

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A moment of discomfort

Kristofer performed Hands up, the hit of the Ottawan group. While singing, looking Nagui in the eye, the master’s student in law teased the father of Nina, Adrien, Roxane and Annabel by interpreting the words “I concluded that you are the love of my life” or “at night, I dream of you in my bed”.

The show host Do not forget the lyrics was somewhat surprised by the behavior of the candidate. Not to mention that the champion has a crazy habit of always choosing his songs according to the old performances of former maestros who have marked the show.

This annoys Nagui a little. He then made him the reflection, but Kristofer is determined to listen only to himself.

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A young man passionate about music

In any case, despite the behavior of the new maestro, it seems that he is gifted. He already has a prize pool of 70,000 euros, and this, in just 6 victories. What is his secret? According to the information, he learns the songs by copying the lyrics into notebooks. A trick a little old certainly, but which allows him to memorize the lyrics without problem.

Kristofer works hard to win, but also to be able to realize his dream. Indeed, the young man strongly plans to resume the piano as well as singing. That’s not all ! He also wants to enroll in a music school in Brussels.

Kristofer, Nagui’s favorite?

To be able to realize his dreams, Kristofer must go even further. He must redouble his efforts and increase his earnings. This will obviously not be a problem for the principal concerned. Also, he can count on the encouragement of Nagui, who continues to believe in him and in his performance.

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“This guy is hilarious and awesome,” he said on social media while posting a selfie of himself with Kristofer.

The latter has therefore become the darling of Nagui? Judging by the praise that he addresses to the maestro, this is indeed the case. Internet users are also won over by Kristofer. Commenting on the post, they wrote:

“This guy is just real, without artifice, adorable, endearing, amazing!! We don’t want to miss a single show! “, “A candidate as we like them and in the very image of Don’t forget the lyrics”, “Too endearing this young maestro”, “I hope he will go far”.

These messages will certainly please the new maestro, who seems to find his place in the show Do not forget the lyrics. Despite the spades between him and Nagui, he spreads good humor on the set and makes the viewers laugh. For now, he continues his adventure, which still promises to be full of surprises.

What do you think of the new maestro on the France 2 show? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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