Why Moon Knight is revolutionizing the Marvel universe and the next 3 MCU films?


The way Moon Knight treats Khonshu and the Egyptian gods prepares the next three Marvel films. With Oscar Isaac as the hero, the television series Moon Knight from Disney+ is at first glance something atypical for a Marvel series: a story that avoids indulging in Easter eggs and additional references. So far, the precise place of Moon Knight in the Marvel timeline has only been indicated on one site (the answer is in 2025). But, despite everything, he is an essential part of Marvel. This is due to the way Moon Knight treats its Egyptian gods.

Warning: Spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 2

When Marvel launched the MCU franchise, the studio was wary of the supernatural, fearing that such mystical elements would conflict with the scientific universe they had created; that is why Thor treated the magic of Asgard as if it were simply a form of advanced science. Over a decade later, Marvel is much more confident, and Moon Knight added an entire pantheon to the MCU, along with all the rich history that comes with them. It seems the MCU’s version of the Egyptian gods tend to operate on this plane of existence through avatars, though there are hints that they can be summoned to this plane, with Arthur Harrow having the intention of“resurrect“his own god Ammit – presumably allowing his deity direct access to this world.

As unusual as it may be Moon Knight, the addition of the Egyptian pantheon dramatically reshapes the MCU and its history. This means that the Asgardians are not the only god-like beings to have influenced the development of humanity, but rather that other groups have done the same for millennia.

And that, in turn, acts as a direct set-up for three upcoming MCU films – Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverand Blade.

The next 3 Marvel movies to be released, influenced by Moon Knight

1. Thor: Love and Thunder

thor love and thunder

The most obvious preparation is Thor: Love & Thunderwhich will deal with other pantheons that have marked the history of humanity, in particular the Greek gods, with Russell Crowe in the role of Zeus.

A subtle Easter Egg Zeus in Spider-Man: No Way Home suggests that Zeus will come to Earth, causing political turmoil in the new Asgard when he challenges King Valkyrie’s rule. But Zeus and the Greek gods probably won’t be the only pantheon to appear in Thor: Love and Thundersince the villain of the film is none other than Gorr the God-Butcher.

In the comics, Gorr began to hate the gods for not helping his family in need, and he began to roam the galaxy killing gods wherever he found them. He will be played by Christian Bale and will certainly be a formidable threat to all the gods he meets; the Egyptian pantheon might just want to stay out of its way.

Unfortunately, there are indications that the Egyptian gods may well be drawn into Gorr’s rampage. Moon Knight directly referred to the top echelon of the Egyptian pantheon, the Ennead, but there are countless other gods as well; one of the most notable is the Egyptian panther god Bastet, and a cast list for Thor 4 suggests that Akosia Sabet will play the role of Bastet in the film.

Under these conditions, there seems to be a direct narrative line between Moon Knight and Thor: Love & Thunder.

2. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Bastet is an important character in the Marvel Universe, simply because this particular Egyptian deity has been directly mentioned before in the MCU. Bastet is better known as Bast, the Panther God of Wakanda, who had a profound influence on the fictional African nation.

She appeared to a tribal leader named Bashenga 10,000 years ago, encouraging him to ingest the precious heart-shaped herb, a unique flower that had mutated from exposure to vibranium radiation; she bestowed Bashenga with superhuman powers, and he became the first Black Panther in Bast’s honor. The Black Panther line has continued to this day, but it’s in danger of dying out: Killmonger destroyed all of Wakanda’s heart-shaped herb stocks during his brief reign, and set photos suggest strongly that King T’Challa is deceased.

All this means that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will no doubt explore Wakanda’s reaction to this cultural crisis.

Their entire civilization revolves around the unbroken line of Black Panthers, and now it comes to a screeching halt. While scientists like Shuri will no doubt attempt to find a scientific solution to this situation, its spiritual dimension cannot simply be ignored; to be a true Black Panther is to gain Bast’s blessing by visiting the Ancestral Plane. Black Panther played this mysticism to the full, in a number of haunting visions, and Wakanda Forever must do the same. There could even be an appearance from Bast herself, with Sabet possibly reprising the role.

The emphasis by Moon Knight on avatars raises the possibility that the Black Panther is more than just a super-soldier; each Black Panther could actually be Bast’s chosen avatar, through which Bast shapes the world. This would fit perfectly with Black Panther’s vital role in Wakandan culture and civilization, while adding a deeper level to the mysticism of the franchise. But it could also be a way out of the crisis, with Bast looking to find a way to restore his avatar line even without the heart-shaped herb.

3. Blade (2023)

blade the vampire hunter

Surprisingly, the Egyptian gods of Moon Knight are also potentially the cause of Blade, which will feature Marvel’s first vampire hunter. They do this by virtue of Sekhmet, another Egyptian deity – already mentioned in Captain America: Civil War, apparently worshiped in Wakanda alongside Bast. Many historians believe that the legends of Sekhmet are the earliest stories of vampires, as in one tale she was banished from Heliopolis by Ra to punish mankind for her disobedience. Sekhmet was content at first to kill the culprits, but she took a liking to human blood and soon began to slaughter anyone she encountered.

This could easily be the origin story of vampires in the MCU; perhaps the first vampire was the avatar of Sekhmet, who spawned others of his kind, leading to the creation of a race of shadowy vampires who have so far only occasionally been named and never seen. Mahershala Ali debuted as Blade in the post-credits scene ofEternalsand filming for his solo film is set to begin in July 2022. Moon Knight may seem out of touch with the MCU writ large, but in truth, its treatment of the Egyptian pantheon dramatically reshapes the shared universe – simply because other Egyptian gods, including Bast and Sekhmet, have already been directly referenced.

In fact, this subtle connectivity may well explain why Marvel considered Moon Knight as a priority to produce, simply because it would redefine a lot of the lore they already had in hand. Whatever the outcome, it will be fascinating to see how Moon Knight will reshape the Marvel Universe.


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