Will soaring gasoline prices curb the French people’s desire for houses?


TO ANALYSE – The French always have a strong desire to settle in an individual habitat. But desire and economic and financial reality can be difficult to reconcile…

The detached house continues to make the French dream. About 50% of people surveyed by the Orpi real estate network plan to buy one with a garden. “The French want to live differently and have changed their relationship to housinganalyzes Guillaume Martinaud, president of the first French network (1350 points of sale). More than ever, they favor “good at home” by combining family life and professional life.“. The consequence of several months locked up, often several, in a small apartment without outdoor spaces. As soon as they were able to visit them, the French rushed to buy houses.

Consequence: these goods highly prized by households are becoming increasingly rare today. Annual house stocks have thus fallen by nearly 14% since the start of the health crisis, according to Se Loger. Who says lower supply, says more expensive housing. In two years, house prices have climbed about 13%, or nearly 6.5% of…

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