Winona Ryder – an inhabited actress (Arte) or the story of self-sabotage


DECRYPTION – The Franco-German channel devotes the evening to the actress twice nominated for the Oscars with the film The House of Spirits followed by an unpublished documentary.

Signed Lukas Hoffmann, the documentary Winona Ryder – an inhabited actress , on Arte, does not cut corners. From the first minutes, the film tackles the thorny question of the sudden end of the career of this formidable actress, in 2001, the day she was caught in the act of shoplifting in a store in Beverly Hills. – supporting video surveillance. We see Winona Ryder leaving without paying more than 5000 dollars of luxurious clothes and accessories. In her bag, the police found opiates for which she did not have the required prescriptions (she would have become dependent on these painkillers following an injury on the set ofAlien 4 ). She does not appear to be in her normal state at the time of the events. She will be fined $10,000, three years probation and 480 hours of community service at charities in Los Angeles. The actress becomes “suspicious”, bizarre, perhaps crazy in the eyes of some. Hollywood turns its back on him with contempt.

Mental Health and Broken Career

Uneven, elliptical narration… the documentary unfortunately does not give all the keys to understanding Winona Ryder. No one really knows what happened that day. One thing is certain, it shattered his career. His anxiety was probably growing with his notoriety. Winona explained years later that whenever she spoke about her mental health to those around her, she felt misunderstood and even blamed.

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Winona Ryder was one of America’s “little fiancées”, one of the rare actresses, such as Jodie Foster or Natalie Wood, who we literally saw growing up in the cinema. Full of talent, bold, sexy and smart, she is also critically acclaimed. Raised in a hippie community, Winona watched classics screened in a barn thanks to her mother. The latter transmitted to him her love for the cinema. At 12, she was sent to the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco to take her first acting lessons. She wants to play, it’s her life, she knows it. She turns in 1986, not even 15 years old, Lucasher first film and finds her stage name for the occasion: it will no longer be Winona Horowitz but Ryder.

Seeking rest in a psychiatric hospital


Her career took a decisive turn when Tim Burton chose her to beetle juice (1998) (he would play her again later in 1990 in Edward Scissorhands (pictured) with her fiancé Johnny Depp). Thanks to the success of this fantastic comedy worn by Michael Keaton, Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin, she became famous overnight. In high school, we put her aside, we call her a witch because she is gothic. Winona begins to suffer from insomnia and anxiety attacks. She takes refuge in work. It is she who presents the script of Dracula to Francis Ford Coppola. The documentary also reveals personal videos shot during film preparation days, in Napa Valley, at Coppola’s. After this film, she tries to rest in a psychiatric hospital and to treat her insomnia but she does not stay there and turns instead. The house of spirits by Billie August, which Arte broadcasts this evening in the first part of the evening, and whose filming was very trying for her. Winona Ryder then goes on to iconic films like Generation 90, The Four Daughters of Doctor March, Alien, the resurrection

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Self-sabotage then comeback

But it gets complicated at the end of the 90s. She turns A stolen life (1999) which is inspired by the true story of a young girl interned in the 1960s after a suicide attempt. Winona is perfect there but she is upstaged by Angelina Jolie who delivers a violent and striking performance. And then, in 2001, it is the episode of shoplifting. A self-sabotage? A failed act as if to say “stopand finally take a breather? Without a doubt.

In 2010, she returned to black swan by Darren Aronofsky but in a small role. It’s really with Stranger Things , one of the most watched series in the world, that she managed to make her real comeback in 2016 on Netflix. She has resurrected in the eyes of Hollywood in a fiction in the form of a nostalgic love letter to the pop culture of which she is a part. The circle is complete. Season 4 is expected on May 27.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Courtesy of Netflix



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