WWE SmackDown April 8 Results


Complete WWE SmackDown results from April 8, 2022.


On this episode of WWE SmackDown on April 8, 2022, Ronda Rousey wants revenge, the debut of a few NXT names, the end of a duo and the future of Roman Reigns’ Bloodline.

Ronda Rousey wants revenge

Ronda Rousey is interviewed by Kayla Braxton in the ring to open this episode. We are made clear that she managed to tap Charlotte Flair but that since the referee did not see it, she is not champion. It is for this reason that Rousey unsurprisingly challenges the SmackDown Champion to a rematch at WWE WrestleMania Backlash. But to stick to the story, the match she asks for is a I Quit Match.

Charlotte Flair appears on the screen to answer him and refuses the match before advising him to go home. Ronda Rousey will not let go and assures him that this match will take place. “Charlotte Flair is not just going to say I Quit, she is going to scream it”.

Xavier Woods defeated Butch by falling on a roll up. Butch, in aggressive mode throughout the match, dominates his opponent before taking a roll up. This was Butch’s first match on SmackDown.

Pissed off, Butch attacks his partners Sheamus and Ridge Holland after the match. The two manage to calm him down, while the New Days swagger down the ramp.

Behind the scenes Sami Zayn is still furious about what happened at WrestleMania due to the interference of the Jackass gang in his match against Johnny Knoxville. Tonight he will face “the first guy who walks through the door” he told Adam Pearce. The first guy through the door is… Drew McIntyre.

The Ring General and the Kaiser invade SmackDown

It’s time for two guys from NXT to debut on SmackDown. Ludwig Kaiser (Marcel Barthel) enters to introduce us to Gunther. No more Imperium black, no more Imperium for that matter. Both are dressed all in red and white. We are also told that Gunther is “invading” SmackDown. There is a small dose of bad taste in all this.

Gunther defeated Joe Alonzo by falling with a powerbomb. A squash against an unlucky little guy.

It’s not over for surprises. Raquel Gonzalez is also making her debut tonight… and her name is now Raquel Rodriguez. The name change that changes nothing. We can also visibly forget the hoodlum style she wore in NXT. During her interview she is hit on by Los Lotharios (which we also propose to rename Los Charos).

Grumpy Corbin

Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss are in the ring for a Happy Talk, but the mood isn’t super Happy. Corbin is upset because at WrestleMania he lost to McIntyre but in addition Moss on his side won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Corbin also accuses him of causing him to lose his match against McIntyre.

Moss tries to make jokes about himself to make Corbin laugh but it doesn’t work. Corbin pushes him even further and asks him for a new joke, his last chance. Madcap Moss makes one last but mocking joke of Corbin. The public laughs, Corbin gets angry and the fight between the two wrestlers breaks out.

The segment ends with Corbin being thrown out of the ring by Moss. The duo is officially over, and Madcap Moss just made a faceturn.

Behind the scenes Jinder Mahal calls for an Intercontinental Championship match against Ricochet. General manager Adam Pearce replies that we don’t give matches that simply. Ronda Rousey interrupts everyone and also asks for her title shot against Charlotte Flair. Pearce tells him it’s on track and he’ll have the answer tomorrow. Rousey makes her best mean face in response.

Drew McIntyre defeated Sami Zayn by counting out. Unable to defend himself against McIntyre, Zayn preferred to flee the match by the public.

Lacey Evans is set to make her comeback. Finished the Sassy Southern Belle visibly. She tells us about her story, her childhood, her parents’ problems and her journey in the army. There will be another vignette next week, hints Michael Cole. In any case, the public reacted positively.

Liv Morgan defeated Sasha Banks by falling with a roll up. The second roll up of the evening, and one of the champions by team who already loses barely crowned.

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A bit of Bloodline Love?

We end this episode with Roman Reings who must announce what will be the rest of his career in WWE now that he has won the two major titles. We will pass on the fact that it took him seven minutes between his entrance and his first word.

In fact Roman Reigns has nothing more to do, he tells us. He won it all. On the other hand, his cousins ​​still have things to do. He has both titles, WWE and Universal. But The Usos only have the SmackDown Tag Team Championships and that’s not right. They need the RAW Tag Team Championship titles.

As Reigns unveils his plans, Shinsuke Nakamura interrupts him. He doesn’t say anything, he won’t have time. Roman Reigns takes the microphone and tells him about Rick Boogs, that he understands how sad it is to lose a partner by recalling what happened to Jimmy Uso.

Roman Reigns then offers him “Bloodline love”. Nakamura doesn’t understand anything, Reigns hugs him, Nakamura still doesn’t understand anything, The Usos give him a superkick, Nakamura will understand when he wakes up.

This is how the segment ends. Shinsuke Nakamura is expected to challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash to occupy the champion, pending the sequel.



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